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No easy way to change On the streets of Beijing, people say social and cultural barriers are to blame for the lack of balance.And they note many women have a lot of responsibility at home.Women not in Xi’s program President Xi Jinping had promised million to UN Women, the United Nations’ Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. “The (Chinese) government talks about increasing women’s political participation, but there haven’t been any concrete measures to support the initiatives,” Chen said.She urged the government to guarantee 30 percent of political leadership roles go to women.“Women seem to be less interested in politics,” said a woman who identified herself as Ms. “These days, she said, women are much more apolitical than they were before the 1980s…” I’m Susan Shand. in size each utilising light, airy colours, facing either the ocean or the hotel grounds.

She believes Chinese society puts pressure on women to stay with traditional paths.They are Empress Wu Zetian and Dowager Cixi and Jian Qing, wife of former Communist leader Mao Zedong. When Mao Zedong led China, he famously declared that ‘Women hold up half the sky.’ Many Chinese remember the saying.“They’ll just point to those three and be like ‘well, see what happens when a woman gets in power? But Xu noted Mao’s call was more about doubling the country’s workforce than gender equality.Some women VOA spoke with say they do not pay attention to politics.Others say politics is just too dirty and tricky – clear signs that women are losing interest in politics.

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