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Nicole moans, regains consciousness, but "it didn't seem like anything was registering." Where's that knife? looks at Nicole, and then Goldman, "both lying in giant pools of blood." He kicks off his shoes, pants, shirt. But Gilbert was aware that this is how Simpson rationalized his behavior to his closest confidantes.“He didn t dispute it and he nodded, as if he was remembering,” Gilbert claims.

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hitting the road with Al Cowlings, being tracked down by police and news helicopters, threatening suicide, and finally getting arrested, the narrative voice magically acquires the conviction that O.

Instead, she apologizes, says she'd been drinking, and promises it won't happen again. I could hardly walk anymore, and I'd been told recently that I would eventually have to have both knees rebuilt. […]I was trying to figure out how it had come to this. I'd had my glory days on the playing field, a number of high-paying corporate gigs, many years as a football analyst, and even something of a career as a Hollywood actor. Goldman says he's just there to deliver the glasses.

Stop by when you're in the neighborhood."A couple of these guys at dinner tonight, I guess they didn't know that you and I are friends," he began, tripping over the words.

Goldman, their waiter, later found a pair of reading glasses left behind by Nicole’s mother Juditha, and offered to drop them off at Nicole’s condo.

By all accounts, he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Someone like that should be remembered.” In one of the highlights of the televised, year-long trial before Judge Lance Ito, defense attorneys taunted prosecutor Chris Darden to ask Simpson to try on the bloody glove found at the crime scene. J.’s behavior on the night of June 12 on Prozac, which he says Simpson was “popping like vitamins” and can make a user agitated. After Simpson was infamously acquitted in the murder trial, Gilbert claims he confronted him one night as they talked privately in Simpson’s backyard.

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