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— say an Etsy store or a design firm — Elise Gets Crafty is a great listen.

With 120 episodes to date, there’s a huge backlog of episodes for you to pick and choose from.

The podcast does appear to have a mainly female audience. But there’s no reason fellas can’t find a little bit of inspiration in the podcast as well.

Like Startup, NPR’s How I Built This takes a deep dive on a company or entrepreneur’s genesis.

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Host Molly Ford Beck herself is a side hustler, with the podcast part of her day job, but she also runs a lifestyle website by night, among other things.

The show is focused on individuals who have thrown their entire lot into launching a business.

The personal stories bring out the trials and tribulations and offer the lessons to take a side hustle to the next level.

Angela Duckworth who quit her corporate job to become a math teacher, talks about the key to success.

And if you noticed a similarity in the voice of the guy who hosts How I Built This and TED Radio Hour — it’s because they’re both hosted by Guy Raz, who has an amazing talent for drawing out his guests, and then sitting back and letting them tell their story.

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