Silverlight combobox selectedvalue not updating

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I can't find any documentation that clears this up one way or the other.I.e, Window - You set the Display Member Path and the Selected Value Path to "Name", so I assume that you have a class Phone Book Entry with a public property Name.That is used more in situations like binding the Text property of a Text Box.For a Combo Box you would use, as you said, the Data Source, Display Member and Value Member.Very confusing seeing as really the only thing I've done is introduce a parent View Model.I am currently labouring under the impression that an item bound to the child of a Data Context has that child as it's Data Context.That way the user sees a list of names they can choose and you can get the ID that corresponds to the selected name from the Selected Value property.

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if i look at the update to the combobox, they are not reflected until i exit and restart the app - then they're fine.

Still, it doesn't feel as natural as binding the Combo Boxes Selected Value/Selected Item property.(); List Data.

hi all - on a windows form i have a combobox called currency, it is populated by a tableadapter called exchangerate which is turn populated by a dataset called mydataset.

further down the formload i've tried am i missing something silly to have the values in the combobox change and refresh at the time of the update to the database?

as i said, an exit and restart of the app displays the accurate data....i can't figure this out for the life of me. All the Refresh method of any control does is redraw it on-screen. If the binding hasn't been updated then redrawing it will have no effect.

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