Are andy and erin still dating are hedge funds liquidating

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OK let's be real — Michael and Jan were the absolute worst.

Sure, maybe they had a nice trip to Sandals, Jamaica (lol), but the rest of their relationship was a disaster. Erin admitted it herself that she was not even slightly attracted to him.

Too bad he decided to dump her right afterwards because she was "too old." This little fling suuuuure was a head-scratcher.Ravi was a smart, handsome, patient doctor and Kelly left him for RYAN, of all people.Like Darryl, Ravi balanced out Kelly's crazy and somehow didn't get impatient with her. Huge." This was a strange couple, but for some reason, we all liked it.They had tons of cute moments, like when Karen drove drunk Jim home from work, or when they did the beach games together. Their first date was so sweet: she and Andy just watched TV with her weird foster brother because Erin was sick.Let's not forget Andy's loving, yet misguided, idea to give her the 12 Days Of Christmas for secret santa.

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