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Some of the results of PT include the abilities to: interpret the needs and wants of others; provide responses that are considered empathetic; safely navigate around person’s who may have ill intentions; interact with nuance so that others do not perceive you to be too demanding or too straight forward; interpret assignments at school by understanding the perspective of the characters studied or those of the teacher who is grading the assignment; share in the passions or delights of others even without sharing the same level of interest in the topic purely because one can enjoy the underlying relationship that is evolving; and engage in acts of socially related critical thinking and personal problem solving.

Persons with the same labels do not necessarily share the same skills: Most persons are born with solid perspective taking skills that began in utero and then developed intuitively though basic human interactions shortly after birth through early childhood and ultimately across our adult lives.

The great divide between a traditional education and a functional education: My motivation to understand more about the depth of perspective taking deficits comes from concern about how we educate children across their school years with the supposed intent to help them develop into adults who can feel satisfied with their ability to participate in and contribute to society.

In an effort to help one of my clinician’s understand Joe’s limited perspective-taking abilities and how they impacted his social interactions I asked her to observe me interact with Joe.

I then asked Joe to tell me everything he knew about chemistry.

autism spectrum disorders, non-verbal learning disabilities, ADHD), it is apparent to me that perspective taking plays a key role in our ability to relate to others not only for the purpose of socialization but also to interpret meaning that is critical for academic work and personal problem solving skills critical for living independently as an adult.

The term “perspective-taking” (PT) is an informal way to discuss what is often described in the literature as “Theory of Mind” (To M).

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