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The distrust continues in the East Ramapo school district, where years of mismanagement by an Orthodox-dominated board have brought efforts to install a state monitor to provide oversight.

Lawrence was using the same tactics of going behind the backs of the taxpayers to push the latest plan through.Indeed, the connections between the two school districts are more than coincidence most of the disabled children in Kiryas Joel were placed there by East Ramapo, instead of serving them in the home district." (More) Rockland County has taken the first step toward foreclosing on dozens of properties among them Patrick Farm, which officials called the largest tax-delinquent non-residential parcel in the county, owing more than 0,000 in back taxes.The pastoral 208-acre parcel just outside Pomona is the flashiest target in an offensive to recover about .3 million in back taxes owned on 125 properties across Rockland's five towns.On Wednesday afternoon, a title insurance company representative for Scenic Development LLC dropped off two checks covering 5,426.57 in delinquent taxes, which stretch back to at least 2013.This represents money owed on three parcels along Route 306 in Ramapo near the Pomona border.

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