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Located on the remote and rocky east coast, its beach is more suitable for surfing than swimming, and a car is recommended to get around the island.

The Atlantis (indoor/outdoor) restaurant is popular with locals, and its top-notch varied cuisine comes with outstanding views.

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Names (not numbers) like Cattlewash and Soup Bowl identify rooms with local beach and landmark references.The main entrance leads to the cheerful yellow lobby, bar, and restaurant -- with a huge open-air deck, and interior seating with big shuttered windows framing the water view.Off the lobby, a grand wide staircase winds up to the second floor and introduces a nautical feel with photography, white walls, and wood floors.The curvy, deep blue pool neighbors the restaurant -- and guests can take the stairs that lead down to the beach area.For such a small hotel, the ambience remains lively, as the well-known restaurant attracts locals and tourists staying elsewhere.

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