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His distinctive power-house vocal style got him the attention of local musicians and eventually landed him the lead singer in , which he held for the last few years of the band's existence.

Since then he had been involved with several bands, some covers acts, some doing original material, yet always done to high standard with his trademark Brazilian passion stamped all over it.

He was involved with so many various rock musicians in our region, and his passing has been deeply felt by so many people that he worked with, those he entertained, or even those he called friends.

Local promoter (and good friend of Roddy), Gary Melling, has organised the Rodfest event to mark what would have been the singer's 43rd birthday.

And we understand they dropped everything to be free for this night.) arranged by Ambulance Service for local charities. , who unfortunately passed away in early October this year.After a wide range of good time's a Xmas Party. Known to his friends as Roddy B, this Brazilian born singer came to this country to follow his dream of performing in the UK.Even (going by the door behind stage) looks like you have your own dressing room.You may also be thinking the same as us - shame about the non-black background!

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