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In 1552 Dmytro Vyshnevetsky erected wood-earth fortifications on the small island Little Khortytsia which is near the western shore of the Khortytsia island.

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Currently the city is the sixth largest in Ukraine.

Multi-storey houses (not more than 4 floors) with large, roomy apartments were built in Sotsgorod with spacious yards planted with grass and trees around the buildings. At the intersection between Sobornyi Avenue and Verkhnya Street, architect I. Closer to the dam, the second tower was raised (architects I. At the end of the road stands a 1963 sculpture of the metallurgist by sculptor Ivan Nosenko.

During the German occupation, it was named Shevchenko Avenue.

(GIPROMEZ) developed a project of creation of the Dnieper Industrial Complex. According to the project, the installed generating capacity was 560 megawatts, the length of a convex dam was 760 m, the width was 56 m, the height was 60 m.

GIPROMEZ consulted with various companies, including the Freyn Engineering Company of Chicago (USA), which participated in the design and construction of the blast furnaces. Eight water turbines and five generators were designed and manufactured in the United States; the other three generators were made at the Leningrad factory Electrosila.

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