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My current occupation was professional gaming, I earned money by doing live streams of the Virtual Reality MMORPG known as "Holo G".

My mouth finally reaching her nipple, had begun its work. They were firm and smooth, I groped her other breast, enjoying every sensation I was experiencing. For a moment I was concerned that she wasn't enjoying it, but then the next thing I knew, she was on her knees unzipping my pants. Not being alive, she had no need for breathing, all of her features were simply to suit me. It was the greatest pleasure I had ever experienced. I could feel the vibrations of her purrs on my dick. It was tight, very tight, for a moment I was concerned that I wouldn't fit in.I gingerly set it upon my head, not wanting to disrupt any of my brainwaves. As I walked out of the room, I encountered one of the maids, she asked me if I needed anything, I shook my head and she continued cleaning. I looked at her, my eyes tracing the curves of her body.The headset worked by replacing the waves of the virtual world with the ones of your real world, occasionally you'd get up and walk around like you did in the game, but that was to keep you healthy, sitting down too much would end up in damage to your legs. "I'm feeling great, thanks for always looking out for me Maddie! the polished wood panels that made up the floor shined in the torchlight. Being 18 meant I was legally able to do some things I couldn't do before. I She was wearing a nightgown, the attire I had programmed for her during the night time.Her scent turned me on, it was as if she knew my every desire and had manifested it for me.Finally, I came in her ass as well, After slowly sliding out, I saw my semen slowly trailing out of her anus and dripping on to her vagina.

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